What’s even more amazing than Cas just going through Dean’s shit is Dean not actually bitching at him about it.



At least they still have wings


( ◆ )



Explaining freedom to angels is a bit like teaching poetry to fish.





Cas’ jacket… Is plaid under the collar. Heh.

#it’s plaid on the inside#I am emotional#he’s a winchester under his angelic layer oh god

No. There’s no way that you blew those people away.


#imagine being Cas at this moment though#it’s the first time in a vessel in thousands of years #all that might and grace seeping out of human skin #the lights burst around him but he pays it no mind #he can tell them where every sigil they’ve scrawled originated from and ways they could improve their work #he is so much knowledge and power #and he’s here on his mission to talk to the righteous man #the man he saved from perdition #and ugh baby you just don’t even know how radically he will change your existence #after eons of living #it will take this one human man to turn everything on it’s head #and for him #you will be the exception to every rule he has #you will be the best friend he’s ever had#and you two just have no idea what’s coming for you #and I will still be telling your story and its beauty when I am old and grey (via badwolfintheimpala)

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